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If you would like to get in touch with us by phone please call

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If you are interested in becoming prequalified, please submit the form at the bottom of the page to request an email invitation to TradeTapp. Upon invite receipt, you are required to setup accounts for TradeTapp AND BuildingConnected. When creating your accounts, please make sure the company and contact information entered is accurate and consistent between both platforms. If your company has a TradeTapp and/or BuildingConnected account already, you should skip setup and login using your existing credentials.

Please note that every subcontractor is required to provide the following items in order to complete our prequalification process:

  • Current Insurance Certificate
  • Current Letter from Bonding Company
  • Current W9 Form (company name must match your company name in TradeTapp)
  • Current Safety Manual
  • Audited/Reviewed Financials for the Past Three Years
  • OSHA 300/300A Logs for the Past Three Years
  • EMR for the Past Three Years

Bid Process

Bozzuto Construction uses BuildingConnected to offer bid opportunities to qualified subcontractors and to manage the bids we receive. Subcontractors invited by Bozzuto to bid on current projects will receive an email directly from BuildingConnected. Additionally, all documents will be sent through BuildingConnected, including drawings, specifications, RFI responses, bid addendums, etc.

BuildingConnected also provides an electronic “Bid Form” which is project and trade specific. Bozzuto requires all subcontractors to submit their proposals and responses to the “Bid Form” through BuildingConnected.

To view our current bid opportunities, please visit our Virtual Plan Roo

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Contact One of Our Corporate Offices

Las Vegas, NV

1741 Village Center Circle
Las Vegas, NV 89134
P: 702-562-6050

Washington, DC

600 New Hampshire Ave, NW
Suite 650
Washington, DC 20037
P: 202-965-1224

Irvine, CA

1 Park Plaza #350
Irvine , CA 92614
P: 949-676-4757

Orlando, FL

2940 Maguire Road
Suite 500
Ocoee, FL 34761
P: 407-345-9931

Portland, OR

1332 NW Kearney Street
Portland, OR 97209
P: 971-244-4495

Phoenix, AZ

16427 N Scottsdale, Road
Suite 250
Scottsdale , AZ 85254
P: 480-454-8721

San Jose, CA

18 Park Avenue
Los Gatos, CA 95030
P: 408-203-1892

Houston, TX

5300 Memorial Drive
Suite 425
Houston, TX 77007
P: 281-920-9155